Chef Georges Rahme Executive Sous Chef

Chef Georges Rahme Executive Sous Chef


Originally from Sahleh in Lebanon, Chef Georges Rahme is a proud Levant cuisine chef; who has worked in a variety of Levant restaurants since starting his career 17 years ago at​ Casino et Hotel Arabi Lebanon. Following a successful start to his career, in 2000, he decided to move to Dubai to take on the role of ​Chef de Partie at Arlequin Restaurant, Abu Dhabi and then in 2010 he joined InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). 

Greatly inspired by his mother and grandmother’s home cooking, Georges spent his childhood helping them prepare sambousek, mezza and mixed grill for the family. As an observant child at the age of 9 years old, he was curious to sense the various ingredients his mom used in the dishes made at home, as well as how she served them.

We've asked him a few questions! 

What he loves as a chef?

What I love as a chef is the ability to put a smile on a guest’s face and that is priceless. When the team receives positive feedback about our food, it makes me very proud and content. My role gives me the opportunity to interact with people, understand what they like, dislike and how their taste buds vary. I also have the privilege of being able to share what I do with my colleagues and educate them on authentic Lebanese cuisine, how its prepared and its ingredients.


What is his favorite ingredient?

Garlic, coriander and lemon because they form the base and essence of Arabic food particularly for Mezza (cold & hot)


Something we don’t know about chef Georges?

I cannot imagine being anything else other than a chef. Cooking comes from passion either you are born to be a chef or not


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